Founded by Italian brothers Luigi Pascale and Giovanni Pascale, Tecnam was born out of a passion for flying machines, great enthusiasm, aeronautical temerity and a dream to soar higher.

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Today, Tecnam has grown to be an industry leader renowned for innovation.

With over 7,500 Tecnam aeroplanes operating around the world today, Tecnam customers and operators are supported by a global network of over 65 dealers and more than 125 Tecnam Service Centres.

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Five solutions in one

One aeroplane, five configurations! Fully interchangeable, the 11-seat, twin-engine TECNAM P2012 Traveller can quickly and easily be converted from a 9-passenger carrier into a special-purpose aircraft...and back again.

P2010 TDI

Travel further with ease

An aircraft that burns just 5.2 US Gal per hour (less than 20 litres) is no longer just a dream. And it is no longer a dream to cover 1,000nm or stay airborne for more than 14 hours with the full-tank capacity of 63 US Gal (240 litres).


The best trainer for flight schools

Beautiful inside and outside, the P2008 is a symphony of up-to-date technology and composite fuselage, providing safe and easy flying. It’s also a cost-efficient solution for night VFR in CS/VLA.

P2006 T

A twin solution for the price of a single

Flexible and economical, the Tecnam P2006T light twin truly is in a class of its own. This aircraft with twin engines, constant-speed propeller and retractable gear offers a "complex" training environment at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

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