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We specialise is providing aircraft for flight schools

AltiSky is the one-stop-shop for the highest-quality, most up-to-date aircraft for flight schools. We specialize in providing flight schools with aircraft that are easy to train in, economical, reliable, safe, and designed for optimal profitability.

As a flight school, you understand the importance of having aircraft that are both durable and easy to maintain. That’s why we’ve carefully curated our inventory to include aircraft designed to meet the specific needs of flight schools, ensuring that your students have the best possible learning experience.

Head over to our aircraft inventory – here you’ll find a wide variety of aircraft to choose from, ranging from single-engine planes like the Tecnam P-Mentor to twin-engine models like the 2006T, all meeting the certified standards of US flight schools. As the authorized distribution center for Tecnam, you can be sure each of our aircraft is thoroughly inspected and maintained to ensure it meets our high standards for safety and performance.

Our team of experts are available to help you choose and provide cost-effective financing for the right aircraft for your school’s specific needs. We understand that every flight school is unique, which is why we take the time to get to know our clients – we’ll work closely with you to help you choose the perfect aircraft to meet your needs and budget.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, which is why we offer no-cost factory service center training for our flight school clients. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are dedicated to helping you keep your aircraft in top condition, lowering downtime and ensuring that your students can learn to fly with confidence.

So if you’re looking for high-quality aircraft for your flight school, look no further than AltiSky. With our extensive selection of aircraft, expert team, and commitment to customer service, we’re confident that we can help you find the perfect aircraft for your school’s needs.

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