Preparation for the Great Tennessee Air Show

08.06.2023  •  1 min read
Tecnam Preparation for the Great Tennessee Air Show

This weekend is the Great Tennessee Air Show of 2023. And for once in our calendar of shows, we only have to wheel out our aircraft.

Based on our home turf at Smyrna Airport, Tennessee, the Great Tennessee Air Show plays host to an action packed weekend, with top named performers taking to the sky, including U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Raptor F22.

The Great Tennessee Air Show over the years has firmly put Smyrna on the map. This small town is known for its love of aviation and it draws a massive community of pilots and enthusiasts, all of whom we cannot wait to meet and show our aircraft (pictured above is AltiSky’s Account Executive, Brennan Minkoff, detailing the Tecnam P2010 Premium Edition before it goes on display).

The preparations for the Great Tennessee Air Show began months in advance – the organizers are exceptional, making sure that every detail is perfect. Our friends at Azure Flight Support, a sponsor of the event knows only too well about the effort that goes in.

Bill Minkoff said, “Over the next few days, Smyrna Airport, normally a hub for small aircraft, transforms into a bustling center of activity and volunteers from the local area work tirelessly, setting up and marking off areas for static displays like ours.”

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The Great Tennessee Air Show is more than just an event and is a symbol of Smyrna’s love of flying. The full schedule of events can be accessed here (June 10-11 at Smyrna Airport).

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