Review of NBAA 2022

21.10.2022  •  2 min read
Review of NBAA

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) was this year in Orlando, and marked the 75th anniversary, held at Florida’s Orange County Convention Center and Orlando Executive Airport – here, with other Tecnam USA dealerships, we hosted an aircraft display for Italian plane maker Tecnam, comprising of the P2010 Gran Lusso, P2006T and P2012 STOL.

The Tecnam display was busy each day with press and media keen to learn more about Tecnam’s reveal on its P2012 STOL, a short takeoff and landing variant of its P2012 aircraft.

Hear from David Copeland at Tecnam’s static display, talking about the Tecnam P2021 STOL capabilities, bringing new versatility to the rugged twin. The twin-piston P2012 STOL can land at a distance as short as 510 feet on the ground without an obstacle.

Interview by Flying magazine

The Tecnam P2006T also made heads turn in stunning Ferrari red (pictured below).

Tecnam P2006T Twin Aircraft on show at NBAA

So what else was happening at NBAA?

Like every year, there were more announcements from the AAM industry and a host of Advanced Air Mobility on display, including Wisk. The event also hosted dozens of visionary industry leaders and top regulatory officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA); speaking on the the industry’s commitment to safety, sustainability and goals for the future.

OCT. 18-20, 2022

What is NBAA?

NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) is an organization that represents the aviation industry in the United States. It provides a platform for industry professionals to network, showcase new technologies, and discuss the latest trends in business aviation.

NBAA holds an annual convention and exhibition that brings together industry leaders, manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers to discuss the latest advances in business aviation. This event is the largest business aviation trade show in the world and attracts tens of thousands of attendees from around the globe.

The NBAA Convention & Exhibition showcases a wide range of products and services related to the business aviation industry, including aircraft, avionics, engines, ground support equipment, and more. It is an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to see new products, connect with suppliers, and build relationships with potential customers.

At the NBAA Convention & Exhibition, attendees can also participate in educational sessions, keynote presentations, and panel discussions, covering topics such as safety, regulatory issues, and emerging technologies.

Overall, the NBAA Convention & Exhibition is an essential event for the business aviation industry, providing an opportunity for industry professionals to come together, share knowledge, and drive innovation.

When is the next NBAA?

Next year the event will be held in Las Vegas for NBAA 2023.

OCT. 17-19, 2023

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