Join us at SUN ‘n FUN

25.03.2023  •  0 min read
SUN n' FUN 2023

Join us at the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo 2023 for an exciting opportunity to view Tecnam’s latest aircraft and speak with our sales team.

SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo 2023

Date: March 28 – April 2, 2023
Location: Lakeland Linder International Airport, 4175 Medulla Rd, Lakeland, FL 3381

This six-day event will showcase a variety of aviation exhibits and activities, including airshows, workshops, and educational forums. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or simply interested in aviation, there’s something for everyone at SUN ‘n FUN.

Hear from Gene Conrad, President & CEO of SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo

Fun for all the family

SUN n’ FUN has something for all the family. Check out this video.

Plan your trip

To purchase tickets, visit the SUN ‘n FUN website at

SUN n' FUN outdoor exhibition map

Visit us at the following out-door exhibit location: Tecnam Aircraft (MD-027C, MD-028B)

We look forward to seeing you there! Meanwhile, you can view the latest Tecnam aircraft we have in stock.